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The sideslip indication displayed on the PFD can derive its information from the:
  • A
  • B
    yaw damper.
  • C
  • D
    inertial system.
Refer to figure.
The Inertial Reference Unit is the strapped down platform that enables navigation through the rate sensors (ring laser gyros) and microprocessors. It consists of three RLGs that measure angular rates and three internal accelerometers measuring acceleration on all three aircraft’s body axes (longitudinal, lateral, and normal). The IRS is of the strap down principle – they are attached to the aircraft fuselage, so the acceleration measurements are coordinated with the aircraft’s body axes (pitch, roll, yaw). The aircraft sideslips whenever the nose of the airplane is pointing in the opposite direction that the airplane is banking which will be sensed by the IRS and displayed on the PFD so that the pilot can take appropriate corrective actions.

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