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Consider the Threat and Error Management (TEM) model. A flight crew experiences an undesired aircraft state (UAS). The most correct course of action is to:
  • A
    Continue with the current configuration as an UAS is not an outcome and therefore the safety of the flight remains unaffected.
  • B
    Continue with the current configuration and file a safety report upon landing.
  • C
    Take immediate countermeasures to recover to a normal operational state.
  • D
    Contact the Operator and request to practice this specific situation in the next training session.

Undesired Aircraft States (UAS)

The TEM model defines Undesired Aircraft States (UAS) to be an aircraft position, condition or attitude that clearly reduces the margin of safety and is the result of flight crew behaviour (actions or inactions). In order to prevent the sequence of events from leading to an accident, undesired aircraft states must be managed by the flight crew.

All flight crew MUST employ counter measures in order to keep threats, errors and undesired aircraft states from reducing safety margins in flight operations.

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