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Which of the following conditions may lead to back pain?

  • A

    One arm shorter than the other.

  • B

    Slip between two intervertebral disks.

  • C

    A pain because of contraction.

  • D

    IMC flight between FL200 and FL230

Refer to figure.
The spine is made up of a series of vertebrae separated by intervertebral discs. These discs serve as cushions or shock absorbers between the vertebrae and provide flexibility to the spine. Each disc consists of two main parts:

Annulus Fibrosus: The tough, outer layer of the disc, composed of strong fibrous rings.

Nucleus Pulposus: The soft, jelly-like center of the disc.

A slipped disc occurs when the soft nucleus pulposus bulges or ruptures through a weakened or damaged area of the tough annulus fibrosus. This can happen due to various factors, including age-related wear and tear, trauma, or excessive stress on the spine. When the nucleus pulposus protrudes, it can press on nearby nerves, which is why it often leads to back pain. This pain is due to nerve compression and irritation.

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