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What illusion can you expect when landing on a larger runway than you are used to?
  • A
    You flare too low.
  • B
    You flare too high.
  • C
    You land short.
  • D
    You undershoot the runway.

Refer to figure.


Runway illusions include narrow versus wide runways in addition to the more commonly discussed, up sloping and down sloping conditions.

  • A narrower than usual runway can create an illusion the aircraft is at a higher altitude than it actually is, especially when runway length-to-width relationships are comparable. The pilot who does not recognize this illusion will fly a lower approach with the risk of striking objects along the approach path or landing short.
  • A wider than usual runway can create an illusion the aircraft is lower than it actually is, leading to a higher approach.

Summary: When flying into a runway that is wider than you are used to, you’re prone to thinking you are lower than you actually are. When there is so much runway filling your perifiery, you assume you’re just about to touch down. This causes pilots to flare too high.

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