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A pilot is on a layover in a country with a tropical climate. S/he visits a local store and purchases some grapes. After eating them, s/he falls iIl, and is subsequently diagnosed with cholera. Choose from the options below the likely cause:
  • A
    Aerosol infection by people coughing around him.
  • B
    Grapes were washed in contaminated water.
  • C
    Human-human contact in the hotel.
  • D
    Insect nesting in the fruit.

A lot of tropical or poorly developed countries bear the risk of catching diseases that have been eradicated in Europe some decades ago or have never occurred there due to the different climate.

One of these issues is a lower standard of hygiene in poorly developed countries, especially those with a large number of citizens living in poverty. Waste water, also which contains excrements, is sometimes drained down the roads or used for the fertilisations of crops. This implies the danger of faecal-oral infections with diseases like Cholera.

The bacterium Vibrio Cholera is mainly encountered in potable water contaminated with faeces. Symptoms of cholera include vomiting and diarrhoea, which is usually almost pain-free but causes immense losses of water and minerals (exsiccosis). The massive dehydration results in dizziness, confusion and coma.

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