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You have started the before take -off checklist, when there is an extended interruption by ATC due to another aircraft mixing up their call sign with yours. Just before take-off, you realise that you forgot to select the fuel pump ON because you failed to complete the before take-off checklist. How can the sequence of events be described?

  • A

    A risk-based chain of events.

  • B
    A risk-mitigation process.
  • C
    A decision-making chain.
  • D
    An error chain.
In aviation accidents, we typically review the chain of events (or error chain) that consists of the many contributing factors leading up to the accident. If just one link in the chain had been broken, the theory goes, the accident would have been averted. A sequence of errors leading to an accident or other undesired outcome is referred to as an error chain. Among others, an error chain may be made up of confusion, unresolved discrepancies, ambiguity and distractions.

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