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Refer to "E(LO)2" chart from the Jeppesen GSPRM 2017.
Given the following information, what is the aircraft’s position?

TRENT (TNT) VOR (N53°03’, W001°40’) radial 306°,
POLE HILL(POL) VOR (N53°45’, W002°06’) radial 223°.

  • A
    N53°30, W002°25’
  • B
    N53°27, W002°42’
  • C

    N53°15, W002°34’

  • D
    N53°25, W002°35’

Refer to figure.
Radial is the magnetic bearing from a VOR station (QDR).
Please, be as precise as possible to following steps, because all the given options are very close to each other.

  • First of all, using the coordinates given find the position of TRENT (TNT) VOR and POLE HILL(POL) VOR on the E(LO)2 chart.
  • The two VORs are close to isogonal 2° W. So, following the rhyme “Variation West, Magnetic Best”, find the true bearings for each radial.
  • The True bearing for Radial 306° is: 306°-2°=304° and true bearing for Radial 223° is: 223°-2° =221°.
  • Use your plotter and draw with your pencil a True bearing 304° from TRENT VOR and a True bearing 221° from POLE HILL VOR.
  • The intersection between these two True bearings is the aircraft’s position.

Therefore, the coordinates of the aircraft’s position are N53°25', W002°35’.

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