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Refer to figure.
(For this question use the VFR chart ED-4 from the Jeppesen GSPRM 2017).
A direct flight is planned between Scharding Suben (LOLS) (N48°24',E013°27) and Sonnen (EDPS) (N48°41', E013°42') aerodromes. The true track from LOLS to EDPS is (1) ___, and the distance is (2)__NM.
  • A
    (1) 027°; (2) 19,5
  • B
    (1) 030°; (2) 29,5
  • C
    (1) 030°; (2) 19,5
  • D
    (1) 027°; (2) 29,5
Refer to figure.

For this question you need a plotter to both find the true track and measure the distance between LOLS aerodrome and EDPS aerodrome.

  • Firstly, find the exact position of LOLS and EDPS aerodromes on your Jeppesen ED-4 chart, using the coordinates given and draw a line with your pencil to connect these two points.
  • Center your plotter at LOLS aerodrome symbol, since the question asks for the true track from position LOLS.
  • Align the upper section of your plotter with the line which connects the two aerodromes.
  • Rotate the plotter’s disc, until its arrows are parallel with the chart’s meridians and indicate the True North.
  • The aligned with the route LOLS to EDPS plotter’s arrow indicates the True Track 030o.
Furthermore, it is known that the ED-4 chart's scale is 1:500 000, as depicted in the frontal blue page of your GSPRM's ED-4 chart. So, using the appropriate scale of your plotter (SECTIONAL 1:500 000), you will find that the distance between LOLS and EDPS is 19.5 NM.

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