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Refer to VFR Chart ED-4 from Jeppesen GSPRM 2017.
Find the highest obstacle or elevation, within a band of 5 NM each side of the track and considering a 5 NM radius around the aerodromes, when flying directly from Griesau (N48°57′, E12°25′) to Arnbruck (N49°7′, E12°59′).
  • A
    4 055 ft.
  • B
    3 438 ft.
  • C
    3 717 ft.
  • D
    4 777 ft.

Refer to figure.

1) Locate Griesau and Arnsbruck and draw a line connecting both aerodromes;
2) Overhead each aerodrome, draw a 5 NM radius circus. Thereafter, connect both circles (at the furthest distance to track);
3) Within the drawn lines, find the highest elevation => 4 055 ft

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