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You are descending from 10000 ft to 2000 ft on a 3 degree glide path. Your decent rate is 1800 fpm. What distance will be covered during descent?
  • A
    26 NM
  • B
    39 NM
  • C
    33 NM
  • D
    7 NM

The heights on the glideslope can be calculted using the formula: Height difference (ft) = Glidepath Angle(o) x Covered Distance (ft) / 60.

So, solving for Covered Distance, we get: Covered Distance (ft) = (Height difference (ft) x 60) / Glidepath angle (o).

The aircraft descends from altitude 10000 ft to 2000 ft, thus the height difference is 8000 ft.

Therefore, the horizontal distance covered during the descent is: Covered Distance (ft) = (8000 ft x 60) / 3o = 160,000 ft or 160,000ft / 6,080 = 26.31 NM, rounded 26 NM.

NOTE: The rate of descent 1800 fpm would help, if Groundspeed or True airspeed with a wind component were given.

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