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How is the flight path angle affected by the wind during climb?
  • A
    Headwind will increase the flight path angle.
  • B
    The wind effect on flight path angle is unpredictable.
  • C
    The flight path angle is not affected by the wind.
  • D
    Both Headwind and Tailwind decrease the flight path angle.

The climb angle and climb gradients are measured relative to the air mass and therefore are unaffected by headwind or tailwind.

The climb flight path angle and flight path gradient are measured relative to the ground and so are affected by headwind and tailwind, except in a vertical climb.

Angles are self-explanatory, while gradients are the height gained as a percentage of the horizontal distance travelled.

So, the flight path angle will:

  • Increase when climbing in headwind.
  • Decrease when climbing in tailwind.

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