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When determining the landing performance for a Performance Class 2 helicopter, which one of the following must be considered?
  • A
    50% of the forecast headwind.
  • B
    150% of the forecast headwind.
  • C
    The passengers and freight to be uplifted.
  • D
    Only the ambient temperature.

According to CAT.POL.H.105 - General:

When showing compliance, the operator must ensure that the mass of the helicopter never exceeds any limits at any stage, including in-flight re-planning and account shall be taken of the following parameters:

(1) mass of the helicopter;

(2) the helicopter configuration;

(3) the environmental conditions, in particular:

(i) pressure altitude and temperature;

(ii) wind:

(A) for take-off, take-off flight path and landing requirements, accountability for wind shall be no more than 50% of any reported steady headwind component of 5 kt or more;

(B) where take-off and landing with a tailwind component is permitted in the AFM, and in all cases for the take-off flight path, not less than 150 % of any reported tailwind component shall be taken into account;

(4) the operating techniques; and

(5) the operation of any systems that have an adverse effect on performance.

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