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Refer to figure.
(For this question use chart E(LO)2 from the Jeppesen GSPRM 2017).
What is the magnetic track and distance from GOLES (N53o 36', W001o 05') to Pole Hill VOR (POL) (N53o 45', W002o 06')?

  • A
    284o/27 NM
  • B
    104o/27 NM
  • C
    104o/37 NM
  • D
    284o/37 NM

Refer to figure.
All tracks depicted are magnetic and distances in NM.

The magnetic track from GOLES to Pole Hill VOR is written aside GOLES non-compulsory RNAV waypoint and it is 284o.
The distance from GOLES to BATLI non-compulsory RNAV waypoint is 10 NM and from BATLI to Pole Hill VOR is another 27 NM.
Thus, totally the distance from GOLES to Pole Hill is 37 NM.

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