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What is the difference between an LNAV and an LP approach to the same runway?
  • A
    There is no significant difference as both use GNSS as reference, so the pilot may choose the one with lowest minima.
  • B
    LP is a 3D approach, similar to VNAV.
  • C
    LNAV offers both lateral and vertical guidance.
  • D
    LP follows the Localiser Performance standards, which requires additional equipment on board the aircraft, beyond the standard GNSS.
  • LNAV: A non-precision 2D approach with no vertical guidance.
  • Localiser Performance (LP): A non-precision 2D approach with no vertical guidance.

Both LNAV and LP are flown as a Continuous Descent Final Approach (CDFA) with a derived MDA(H) based on GNSS integrity via RAIM.

Only the LP approaches are augmented by SBAS on top of the basic GNSS equipment to provide sufficient accuracy and angular lateral guidance.

Thus, LP approaches have lower minima than LNAV approaches.

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