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Refer to figure.
(For this question use VFR chart ED-4 from the Jeppesen GSPRM 2017).
Which option would be best visual point for a pilot flying VFR in the vicinity of Albstadt Degerfeld aerodrome (EDSA) (N48o 15', E009o 04')?

  • A
    The village TROCHTELFINGEN about 8 NM east-north-east of EDSA.
  • B
    The natural high point with elevation 2638 about 8 NM east of EDSA.
  • C
    The T junction of the railway near GAMMERTINGEN about 6 NM east of EDSA.
  • D
    One of the T junctions of the secondary roads in the area 9 NM east of EDSA.

Refer to figure.
During VFR flights you can best pinpoint your position using line features, such as railway lines, motorways or junctions of those. Large built-up areas do not constitute good pinpoints. Also, small towns and villages all look almost the same from the air. Small built-up areas are recommended, when they are isolated and close to obvious ground features, such as lakes, reservoirs, junctions and nearby to identify it.

In the vicinity of Albstadt Degerfeld aerodrome (EDSA) there are many elevation spots, villages and T junctions of secondary roads east off EDSA airfield, so you have to find something as unique as possible.

The only well-distinguished and unique ground feature for a pilot flying VFR in the vicinity of Albstadt Degerfield aerodrome is the railway T-junction near GAMMERTINGEN village (N48o 15’, E009o 13’), because it is a combination of an isolated small built-up area with an obvious line feature.

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