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Given the following information, who is responsible for ensuring that the maximum take-off mass in Performance Class 2 helicopter operations will permit at least a minimum rate of climb of 150 ft/min at a defined flight altitude with the critical engine inoperative?

  • A
    The Flight Dispatcher.
  • B
    The Operator.
  • C
    The Commander.
  • D
    The Manufacturer.

Operational compliance with the procedures laid down in the Regulations is the Commander’s responsibility.

The Commander must always ensure that the space required does not exceed the space available at any stage of the flight.

According to NCC.GEN.106 - Pilot-In-command - Responsibilities and Authority,the Pilot-In-Command shall be responsible for:

  • Ensuring that all instructions, operational procedures and checklists are complied with in accordance with the operations manual and as referred to Regulation (EC) No 216/2008.
  • Only commencing a flight if he/she is satisfied that all operational limitations referred to are complied with Regulations.
  • The mass of the aircraft and centre of gravity location are such that the flight can be conducted within the limits prescribed in the airworthiness documentation.
  • The aircraft operating limitations as specified in the aircraft flight manual (AFM) will not be exceeded at any time during the flight.

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