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Refer to figure or CAP 758 figure 2.23. Given the following information, determine the cruise manifold pressure:

Pressure Altitude: 4 000 ft
Take-off mass: 1 900 lb
Cruise Profile: Maximum Range
  • A
    20.0 in Hg
  • B
    19.4 in Hg
  • C
    19.7 in Hg
  • D
    21.1 in Hg

Refer to figure.
For this question, use the LH graph of the Cruise chart (4 000 ft) to determine the Manifold Pressure and TAS for the cruise phase:

  1. Enter from the intersection between the MAXIMUM RANGE line and the 1 900 lb TAKE-OFF GROSS MASS curve.
  2. Move horizontal to the left and read Manifold pressure 19.7 in Hg.


In case the whole CAP 758 and not the relevant for the question Annex is given at the exams, check at the top left the pressure altitude which the question refers to.

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