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A message concerning aircraft parts and material urgently required is...
  • A
    a flight security message.
  • B
    a flight safety message.
  • C
    an urgency message.
  • D
    a flight regularity message.
Refer to figure.
ICAO Annex 10, Volume II Flight regularity messages (priority indicator GG) shall comprise:
a) aircraft load messages required for weight and balance computation;
b) messages concerning changes in aircraft operating schedules;
c) messages concerning aircraft servicing;
d) messages concerning changes in collective requirements for passengers, crew and cargo covered by deviation from normal operating schedules;
e) messages concerning non-routine landings;
f) messages concerning pre-flight arrangements for air navigation services and operational servicing for non-scheduled aircraft operations, e.g. overflight clearance requests;
g) messages originated by aircraft operating agencies reporting an aircraft arrival or departure;
h) messages concerning parts and materials urgently required for the operation of aircraft.

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