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What is the reason for LOG-ON with CPDLC?
  • A
    The logon function is a means of exchanging application information between an aircraft and a specific ATSU. It also provides flight data to that ATSU.
  • B

    The aircraft identification provided when initiating the logon exactly matches the aircraft identification of the filed flight plan.

  • C
    The logon function is a means of exchanging information between an aircraft and the Tower. It also provides flight data to that tower.
  • D
    Under certain circumstances, it may be operationally desirable for an ATS unit to set up an ADSC connection without a preceding logon.

ICAO Global Operational Data Link Document (GOLD)
2.2 FANS 1/A data link system
2.2.2 ATS facilities notification (AFN) logon Purpose of the AFN logon The AFN logon is the first step in the data link process. The receipt of an AFN logon from an aircraft is performed prior to the ATSU establishing CPDLC and/or ADS-C connections. The purpose of the AFN logon is to:

a) Provide the ATSU with the data link application ―context‖ of the aircraft, namely:
1) The ATS data link applications supported by the aircraft system (e.g. CPDLC, ADS-C), and the associated version numbers of these applications; and

2) The unique ACARS address of the aircraft.

b) Provide the ATSU with information such as the aircraft identification, aircraft registration and (optionally) the aircraft address. This information allows the ATSU to correlate the AFN logon information with its corresponding current flight plan.

Note.— An ATSU cannot establish a CPDLC connection without first completing the AFN logon.

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