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The Commander of an aircraft is requested to contact the Tower of an airport in Bern. Choose the correct call sign for the station.
  • A

    "Tower Bern" or "Bern Tower" as the call sign is composed of the area of responsibility and the geographical location, in any sequence.

  • B

    "Bern" or, if there are other stations nearby, "Bern-(something)", as the call sign is composed of the name of the location and an optional suffix.

  • C

    "Bern Tower" as the call sign is composed of the name of the location followed by a suffix indicating the type of service being provided.

  • D

    As there is NO binding standard on call signs for ground stations, the Commander should NOT guess and consult the flight documentation.

ICAO Annex 10 Volume II RADIOTELEPHONY CALL SIGNS FOR AERONAUTICAL STATIONS Aeronautical stations in the aeronautical mobile service shall be identified by:

a) the name of the location; and

b) the unit or service available. The unit or service shall be identified in accordance with the table below except that the name of the location or the unit/service may be omitted provided satisfactory communication has been established.

Area control centre CONTROL
Approach control APPROACH
Approach control radar arrivals ARRIVAL
Approach control radar departures DEPARTURE
Aerodrome control TOWER
Surface movement control GROUND
Radar (in general) RADAR
Precision approach radar PRECISION
Direction-finding station HOMER
Flight information service INFORMATION
Clearance delivery DELIVERY
Apron control APRON
Company dispatch DISPATCH
Aeronautical station RADIO

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