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An aircraft flying on the traffic circuit of a controlled aerodrome is encountering radio communications failure. What is the correct course of action?
  • A
    Set the transponder code to 7700 and perform radio checks, at 1-minute intervals, to all aeronautical stations.
  • B
    Rock the aircraft wings and flash navigational lights, at irregular intervals, to signal communication failure.
  • C
    Transmit blind your messages, twice, and watch for instructions which may be issued by visual signals.
  • D
    Transmit blind, on the APP secondary frequency, the number of souls on board and remaining fuel.

ICAO Annex 10 Volume II VOICE COMMUNICATIONS FAILURE When an aircraft station fails to establish contact with the appropriate aeronautical station on the designated channel, it shall attempt to establish contact on the previous channel used and, if not successful, on another channel appropriate to the route. If these attempts fail, the aircraft station shall attempt to establish communication with the appropriate aeronautical station, other aeronautical stations or other aircraft using all available means and advise the aeronautical station that contact on the assigned channel could not be established. In addition, an aircraft operating within a network shall monitor the appropriate VHF channel for calls from nearby aircraft. If the attempts specified under fail, the aircraft station shall transmit its message twice on the designated channel(s), preceded by the phrase “TRANSMITTING BLIND” and, if necessary, include the addressee(s) for which the message is intended.

ICAO Annex 2
3.6.5 Communications Communication failure. If a communication failure precludes compliance with, the aircraft shall comply with the voice communication failure procedures of Annex 10, Volume II, and with such of the following procedures as are appropriate. The aircraft shall attempt to establish communications with the appropriate air traffic control unit using all other available means. In addition, the aircraft, when forming part of the aerodrome traffic at a controlled aerodrome, shall keep a watch for such instructions as may be issued by visual signals.

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