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Landing gear torsion links are used to..
  • A
    control the rate of oleo strut recoil.
  • B
    prevent rotation of the landing gear piston in the oleo strut.
  • C
    absorb the lateral stresses to which the gear is subjected.
  • D
    prevent extension of the oleo strut when the gear is retracted.

Refer to the figure

The function of a torsion link, or torque link, is to avoid movement of the inner cylinder within the outer cylinder. So when the aircraft is moving forward without turning there will not be much force on the torsion link. When the aircraft touches down with a strong cross-wind there might be some forces on the torque link, but most of the movement will be forward in line with the direction of the aircraft. When the aircraft is turning on the ground and especially turns with a small radius, the wheels will want to move forward whilst the aircraft is turning, this will cause a lot of load on the torsion link.

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