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Reading the technical log of an aircraft before flight, you notice that the previous maintenance organisation inspected the landing gear for corrosion, and made no further action as no corrosion was found. What type of maintenance is this?
  • A
    Hard-time maintenance, where an item is completely removed and disassembled to allow for a thorough inspection of the item.
  • B

    On-condition maintenance, where an aircraft item such as the landing gear is removed from service at or before reaching a specified time or amount of cycles.

  • C

    Hard-time maintenance, overhauling an aircraft component within the time limits of the maintenance programme as determined by the manufacturer.

  • D
    On-condition maintenance, where the determination of continued airworthiness can be made without overhaul or tear-down inspection.

There are two main types of maintenance process:

  • Hard-time maintenance: refers to planned maintenance of a component, which is overhauled or replaced upon a set number of flight hours or cycles of operation. It is strictly forbidden to allow components to remain in service after the conclusion of their hard-time period.
  • On-condition maintenance: refers to predictive maintenance that involves replacement or overhaul of components before a failure happens. Regular inspection of components gives maintenance teams records about the condition of each monitored part on an aircraft. This type of maintenance is based on monitoring of critical parameters of a component or piece of equipment and its replacement if a limit value is exceeded. The inspections are often done without completely tearing down each component, as indicators of wear or damage can be seen quickly, without excess work or aircraft down-time.

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