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What are the consequences if the pilot raises the landing gear lever while the helicopter is still on the ground?

  • A

    If the ground safety pin has also been removed, the landing gear starts to retract.

  • B

    The landing gear starts to retract even with the ground safety pin installed.

  • C

    The landing gear retraction process is inhibited as long as the helicopter remains on the ground.

  • D

    Only those wheels without a microswitch contact will retract.

Refer to figure.
The retractable undercarriage is supposed to improve performance by reducing parasite drag and assisting with maneuverability on the ground.

The gear can be operated:

  • electrically,
  • hydraulically, or
  • pneumatically.

with an emergency manual system as a backup.

A hydraulic system will normally use engine-driven pumps.

Power is only used to pull the gear up - they may be lowered by gravity and the slipstream. Emergency extension can then be done with compressed nitrogen, a secondary hydraulic system, or gravity.

The landing gear CANNOT be retracted on the ground because the electrical control system is either routed through the weight-on-wheels switch or an anti-retract latch on the gear lever.

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