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Using two parallel runways only for departures at the same time is known as...
  • A
    Segregated mode
  • B
    Coordinated mode
  • C
    Simultaneous mode
  • D
    Semi-mixed mode

Refer to figure.
Learning Objective Describe the following different operations: simultaneous instrument departures; segregated parallel approaches/departures; semi-mixed and mixed operations.
Source: ICAO Doc 8168, Volume III, Section 3, Chapter 1

ICAO Doc 8168 (PANS OPS) Vol. III gives different modes of operation for parallel runway operations. As shown in the annex above, the modes of simultaneous parallel approaches are simple, either dependent or independent parallel approaches.

When it comes to including departures also, there is the simplest mode, which is simultaneous parallel departures (departures from both runways at once). There are then mixed operations, which is both approaches and departures at each runway, and semi-mixed operations,where one runway has a fixed role, but the other runway can perform either approaches or departures.

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