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What is the correct flight level for an IFR flight in non-RVSM airspace with a magnetic track of 070?
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Refer to figure.
In Non-RVSM airspace, vertical separation above FL290 is 2000 ft. According to the semi-circular rule, aircraft travelling on the same direction will be separated by twice the vertical separation => 2000 x 2 = 4000 ft.
Magnetic Tracks for IFR flights:

  • 0° through 179° => ODD flight levels apply: FL50, FL70, FL90…
  • 180° through 359° => EVEN flight levels apply: FL40, FL60, FL80…

With regards to this question, firstly, note that the question refers to NON RVSM airspace.
Therefore, as you can see in the attached figure, flying in an easterly direction, appropriate Flight Levels would be: FL290, FL330, FL370, FL410.

“FL310” – Incorrect. FL310 is IFR flight level for westerly direction in non RVSM or easterly direction in RVSM airspace.
“FL280 and FL300” – incorrect. Would be correct for westerly directions in RVSM.

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