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Your aircraft is flying in VMC under ATS control. What do you need to do in case of radio failure?
  • A
    Proceed to destination and inform ATC upon landing.
  • B
    Maintain latest assigned altitude / flight level and proceed for 20 minutes from latest reporting point.
  • C
    Return back to the departure airfield.
  • D
    Proceed with visual signals to the nearest suitable airport and squawk the transponder code for radio failure.

Communication Failure

In case of communication failure aircraft shall comply with the voice communication failure procedures of Annex 10, Volume II, and with such of the following procedures as are appropriate.

The aircraft shall attempt to establish communications with the appropriate air traffic control unit using all other available means. If it is unsuccessful, the aircraft shall try to get in contact with other aircraft by transmitting on the emergency frequency 121.5 MHz. If this is still unsuccessful, the pilot will need to squawk 7600, the transponder code indicating a radio communication failure.

In addition, the aircraft, when forming part of the aerodrome traffic at a controlled aerodrome, shall keep a watch for such instructions as may be issued by visual signals.

If the flight is operated in VMC, the aircraft shall:

(a) Continue to fly in visual meteorological conditions;
(b) land at the nearest suitable aerodrome;
(c) report its arrival by the most expeditious means to the appropriate air traffic services unit;
(d) if considered advisable, complete an IFR fligh.

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