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How long is the president of the ICAO Council elected for?
  • A
    2 year.
  • B
    5 years.
  • C
    3 years.
  • D
    10 years.

ICAO Doc 7300
Article 51
President of Council

The Council shall elect its President for a term of three years. He may be re-elected. He shall have no vote. The Council shall elect from among its members one or more Vice Presidents who shall retain their right to vote when serving as acting President. The President need not be selected from among the representatives of the members of the Council but, if a representative is elected, his seat shall be deemed vacant and it shall be filled by the State which he represented. The duties of the President shall be to:

a) Convene meetings of the Council, the Air Transport Committee, and the Air Navigation Commission;
b) Serve as representative of the Council; and
c) Carry out on behalf of the Council the functions which the Council assigns to him.

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