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To which frequency band does the frequency 118.075 MHz correspond?
  • A
    VHF (Very High Frequency).
  • B
    HF (High Frequency).
  • C
    MF (Medium Frequency).
  • D
    UHF (Ultra High Frequency).
The radio frequency spectrum is divided into bands. The table below introduces the frequency bands:
Frequency band Frequencies Wave band Wave length
VLF Very Low Frequency 3-30 kHz Very long 100-10 km
LF Low Frequency 30-300 kHz Long 10-1 km
MF Medium Frequency 300-3000 kHz Medium 1 km-100 m
HF High Frequency 3-30 MHz Short 100-10 m
VHF Very High Frequency 30-300 MHz Short 10-1 m
UHF Ultra High Frequency 300-3000 MHz Ultra short 1 m-10 cm
SHF Super High Frequency 3-30 GHz (3000-30000 MHz) Super short 10-1 cm
EHF Extremely High Frequency 30-300 GHz Extremely short 1 cm-1 mm

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