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In which cases can the name of a location or call sign suffix be omitted?

1. If communication has been established
2. If it will NOT cause any confusion
3. If it is allowed by the Authority
4. If a VFR flight plan has been filed

  • A
    3 and 4
  • B
    1 and 2
  • C
    1 and 4
  • D
    2 and 3

ICAO Annex 10
Volume II
Chapter 5 CALLING & CALL SIGNS Radiotelephony call signs for aeronautical stations: Aeronautical stations in the aeronautical mobile service shall be identified by:

a) the name of the location; and

b) the unit or service available. The unit or service shall be identified in accordance with the table below except that the name of the location or the unit/service may be omitted provided satisfactory communication has been established.

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