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In radiotelephony, the words "TAKE OFF" can only be used..
  • A
    in a take-off clearance or when cancelling it.
  • B
    to advise ATC that the aircraft is ready for take-off.
  • C
    to advise ATC that the aircraft is AIRBORNE.
  • D
    in some countries instead of the word DEPARTURE.

ICAO Doc 4444
7.9.3 Take-off clearance The expression TAKE-OFF shall only be used in radiotelephony when an aircraft is cleared for take-off or when cancelling a take-off clearance. Subject to, the take-off clearance shall be issued when the aircraft is ready for take-off and at or approaching the departure runway, and the traffic situation permits. To reduce the potential for misunderstanding, the take-off clearance shall include the designator of the departure runway.

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