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You are concerned that you are in serious and imminent danger during flight. You are in radio contact with Midfeld Approach. What should you prefix your initial emergency message with, and on what frequency should you send it?
  • A
    PAN PAN on Midfeld approach frequency.
  • B
    MAYDAY on 121.5 MHz.
  • C
    MAYDAY on Midfeld approach frequency.
  • D
    PAN on 121.5 MHz.

A distress situation is by definition a condition of being threatened by serious and/or imminent danger and of requiring immediate assistance. A distress situation needs immediate assistance and this is the difference between distress and urgency (urgency does not require immediate assistance).

If a pilot of an aircraft encounters an emergency, this situation shall be indicated by a radio call starting with the phrase "MAYDAY" spoken three times.

In a distress situation, the pilots shall transmit the distress call on the air-ground frequency currently in use. In this case, the pilot shall declare emergency on the frequency of Midfield approach.

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