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According to certification specifications colour standardisations, features displayed in red on an EFIS indicate..
  • A
    Warnings, cautions, abnormal sources.
  • B
    Flight envelope, system limits, engaged mode.
  • C
    Cautions, abnormal sources, engaged mode.
  • D
    Warnings, flight envelope, system limits.

Refer to figure.
Electronic Flight Instrument Systems (EFIS)
It is highly desirable to use standardized colour-coding of the information displayed on the EFIS screens. For this purpose, EASA has issued specific guidelines (EASA CS-25 AMC 25.11).

(i) Display features should be colour-coded as follows:

Engaged modes: Green
Flight envelope and system limits: Red
Sky: Cyan/Blue
Earth: Tan/Brown
ILS deviation pointer: Magenta
Flight Director bars: Magenta/Green
Warnings: Red
Cautions, abnormal sources: Amber/Yellow

(ii) Specified display features should be allocated colours from one of the following colour sets:

Colour Set 1 Colour Set 2
Fixed reference symbols White Yellow
Selected data, values Green Cyan
Current data, values White Green
Armed modes White Cyan
Selected heading Magenta Cyan
Active route/flight plan Magenta White

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