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Refer to figure.
The high lift device shown in the figure 1 is a:
  • A
    Fowler flap.
  • B
    Krueger flap.
  • C
    slotted flap.
  • D
    slot or slat.

Refer to figure.
Krueger flap

The plain Krueger flap is a small flap on the inboard, leading edge, and underside of a wing that is hinged at the leading edge of the wing and extends forward. With the variable camber Krueger flap the amount of downward extension can be selected and controlled. For small angular deflections it reduces the amount of lift produced but when fully extended it can increase the lift by approximately 50% and also increase the stalling angle up to 25◦. The pitching moment can vary considerably during extension but when fully extended it will cause a nose-up pitching moment requiring considerable changes of trim.

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