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What is the effect of aeroplane mass on shock wave intensity at constant Mach number?
  • A
    A change in mass does not influence shock wave intensity.
  • B
    Decreasing mass increases shock wave intensity.
  • C
    Decreasing mass increases shock wave intensity at below standard temperatures.
  • D
    Increasing mass increases shock wave intensity.

Shock Wave is defined as a narrow region, crossing the streamlines, through which there occur abrupt increases in pressure, density, and temperature, and an abrupt decrease in velocity. The normal component of velocity relative to the shock wave is supersonic upstream and subsonic downstream.

  • With regards to this question, to counteract the higher mass, when flying at a constant mach, the angle of attack must be increased to produce the required lift to maintain a given altitude. The intensity of a shock wave will, consequently, increase with the increased angle of attack. This happens due to higher velocities over the profile.

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