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(For this question use annex 032-015).
Given: O.A.T. : ISA
Pressure altitude: 3000 ft
Aeroplane mass: 3450 lb
Speed: 100 kt

Using the climb performance chart, for the single engine aeroplane, determine the rate of climb and the gradient of climb.

  • A
    1120 ft/min and 9.3%
  • B
    1170 ft/min and 9.9%
  • C
    1310 ft/min and 11.3%
  • D
    1030 ft/min and 8.4%
Refer to figure.
(1) Enter the graph at the intersection of 3000 ft Pressure Altitude and ISA Reference Line (for precision, we recommend that you draw a 3000 ft reference line, half way between the 2000 ft and 4000 ft reference lines). Draw a horizontal line to the right until the Mass "REFERENCE LINE".
(2) From this point, continue diagonally up and to the right until you reach a mass value of 3450 lb.
(3) Finally, continue horizontally to the right until the end of the graph and read:
  • RATE OF CLIMB: 1120 ft/min; and
  • CLIMB GRADIENT: approx. 9.4%.

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