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Why should the temperature of the wheel brakes be checked prior to take off?
  • A
    To ensure that the thermal blow-out plugs are not melted.
  • B
    Because overheated brakes will not perform adequately in the event of a rejected take-off.
  • C
    To ensure that the brake wear is not excessive.
  • D
    To ensure that the wheels have warmed up evenly.

Maximum Brake Energy Speed - VMBE

The maximum speed on the ground from which an airplane can safely stop within the energy capabilities of the brakes.
V1 must not be greater than VMBE.
At V1 the airplane must be able to stop or continue the take-off, but above VMBE it is impossible to bring the airplane safely to a stop.

If the take-off was rejected at a speed higher than VMBE, or with too hot brakes with maximum braking force applied, the brakes would not be able to safely bring the airplane to a stop regardless of how much runway was left.

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