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What is the primary advantage of using the increased V2 (improved climb) procedure on take-off?
  • A
    The associated higher V1 allows for an increased take-off mass.
  • B
    The safety margin of the field-length limited mass is increased.
  • C
    The obstacle-limited take-off mass is increased.
  • D
    The time to reach the optimum altitude is reduced.

Take-off with Increased V2 Speed

This procedure is used when the performance limited mass is the climb limit mass. At V2 the climbing performance is poor and limits the maximum take-off mass. It is important to understand that in the event of engine failure, the initial climb out speed is V2. However, V2 is not the best climb angle speed. V2 is considerably slower than the best angle of climb speed, which is VX. Climbing with a speed closer to the best angle of climb greatly enhance the climb performance.

If runway available it would be possible to stay on the runway for longer during the take-off to build up more speed to a higher V1, this will ensure that at the screen height, a faster V2 will be reached, closer to VX. As a result of the improved climb performance, the climb limit mass can be increased.

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