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Uphill slope:
  • A
    increases the allowed take-off mass.
  • B
    decreases the accelerate stop distance only.
  • C
    increases the take-off distance more than the accelerate stop distance.
  • D
    decreases the take-off distance only.

Refer to figure.

This question asks for the difference between taking-off from a level runway and an uphill slope runway, assuming that the V1 speed remains the same.
The Take-Off Distance will be affected by the uphill slope up to the lift-off speed (VLOF) => when an engine failure occurs after V1, the distance required to continue the take-off is increased for an uphill runway.
When an engine failure occurs at or before V1, only the accelerating part of the Accelerate-Stop Distance will be affected (up to V1). The uphill slope will then assist stopping the aircraft. The overall ASD is increased for an uphill runway, but not as much as the increase caused to the TOD.

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