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In case of an engine failure which is recognized at or above V1?
  • A
    the take-off must be continued.
  • B
    a height of 50 ft must be reached within the take&off distance.
  • C
    the take-off should be rejected if the speed is still below VR.
  • D
    the take-off must be rejected if the speed is still below VLOF.

V1 is called the decision speed. V1 determines the outcome of a critical decision that must be made following an engine failure or other major critical systems failure.

V1 is defined as being the maximum speed at which the pilot must take the first action in order to stop the airplane within the remaining accelerate-stop distance. V1 is also the minimum speed following engine failure that the pilot is able to continue the take-off within the remaining take-off distance.

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