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The permanent approval for the transport of dangerous goods is specified in the:
  • A
    air operator certificate.
  • B
    certificate of aircraft registration.
  • C
    insurance certificate.
  • D
    airworthiness certificate.

Regulation (EU) No 379/2014
ARO.OPS.100 Issue of the air operator certificate

(a) The competent authority shall issue the air operator certificate (AOC) when satisfied that the operator has demonstrated compliance with the elements required in ORO.AOC.100.
(b) The certificate shall include the associated operations specifications.
(c) The competent authority may determine specific operational limitations. Such limitations shall be documented in the operations specifications.

Regulation (EU) No 965/2012
ORO.AOC.105 Operations specifications and privileges of an AOC holder

The privileges of the operator, including those granted in accordance with Annex V (Part-SPA), shall be specified in the operations specifications of the certificate.

Note: Annex V – Part-SPA Operations requiring Specific Approvals


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