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According to AIR OPS, take-off shall not be commenced:
  • A
    Even if the ice contamination does not lead to an exceedance of mass and balance limits.
  • B
    Unless the external surfaces are free from any ice contamination greater than 5 mm.
  • C
    Unless the external surfaces are clear of any contamination, except as permitted by Aircraft Flight Manual.
  • D
    Unless the external surfaces are still covered with anti-icing fluid and the aircraft is not to be operated in forecast icing conditions greater than moderate icing.

CAT.OP.MPA.250 Ice and other contaminants — ground procedures

(a) The operator shall establish procedures to be followed when ground de-icing and anti-icing and related inspections of the aircraft are necessary to allow the safe operation of the aircraft.

(b) The commander shall only commence take-off if the aircraft is clear of any deposit that might adversely affect the performance or controllability of the aircraft, except as permitted under (a) and in accordance with the AFM.

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