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The co-pilot is the Pilot Flying (PF) during an approach to an unfamiliar aerodrome. Weather conditions are VMC. While joining the Final Approach segment the Ground Proximity Warning System sounds. The co-pilot, as the PF of the aircraft, should..
  • A
    start looking outside the flight deck to identify the obstacle or terrain causing the alert, to visually avoid it.
  • B
    continue the approach. The decision for corrective actions rests with the Commander of the aircraft.
  • C
    change the lateral track of the aircraft by at least 15 degrees left or right, but maintain the vertical path.
  • D
    take immediate corrective action to establish safe flight conditions.

Regulation (EU) No 965/2012
CAT.OP.MPA.290 Ground proximity detection

When undue proximity to the ground is detected by a flight crew member or by a ground proximity warning system, the pilot flying shall take corrective action immediately to establish safe flight conditions.

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