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An airline operator has just made significant changes to the 'continuing airworthiness' part of its management system because it is opening up a maintenance facility at a new location. Before implementing these changes, the operator shall seek approval from:
  • A
    The Competent Authority
  • B
  • C
    The company's management
  • D
    The Safety Manager

"Approvals" are granted by an authority and not by the company itself (internally). EASA oversees companies which seek EASA compliant approval and don't have a place of business in any EASA state.


For the purpose of this Part, the competent authority shall be:
4. for the approval of maintenance programmes:

(i) the authority designated by the Member State of registry;
(ii) in the case of commercial air transport, when the Member State of the operator is different from the State of registry, the authority agreed by the above two States prior to the approval of the maintenance programme.
(iii) By derogation from point 4(i), when the continuing airworthiness of an aircraft not used in commercial air transport is managed by a continuing airworthiness management organisation approved in accordance with Section A, Subpart G, of this Annex (Part-M) not subject to the oversight of the Member State of registry, and only if agreed with the Member State of registry prior to the approval of the maintenance programme:

(a) the authority designated by the Member State responsible for the oversight of the continuing airworthiness management organisation; or
(b) the Agency if the continuing airworthiness management organisation is located in a third country.

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