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According to OPS regulations, an operator shall ensure that each cabin crew member is at least:
  • A
    17 years old.
  • B
    21 years old.
  • C
    18 years old.
  • D
    20 years old.

Regulation (EU) No 965/2012
ORO.CC.110 Conditions for assignment to duties

(a) Cabin crew members shall only be assigned to duties on an aircraft if they:

(1) are at least 18 years of age;
(2) have been assessed, in accordance with the applicable requirements of Annex IV (Part-MED) to Regulation (EU) No 1178/2011, as physically and mentally fit to perform their duties and discharge their responsibilities safely; and
(3) have successfully completed all applicable training and checking required by this Subpart and are competent to perform the assigned duties in accordance with the procedures specified in the operations manual.

(b) Before assigning to duties cabin crew members who are working on a freelance or part-time basis, the operator shall verify that all applicable requirements of this Subpart are complied with, taking into account all services rendered by the cabin crew member to any other operator(s), to determine in particular:

(1) the total number of aircraft types and variants operated; and
(2) the applicable flight and duty time limitations and rest requirements.

(c) Operating cabin crew members, as well as their role with regard to the safety of passengers and flight, shall be clearly identified to the passengers.

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