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An airplane is taxiing and the ATC controller tells the pilot to stop the aircraft and hold position due to an emergency of another plane. The holdover time is expired by 2 minutes. What is the correct action?
  • A
    Hold position and apply anti-ice system of the aircraft.
  • B
    Take off, disregard the expired holdover time.
  • C
    Hold position.
  • D
    Taxi back, de-ice and anti-ice the aircraft again.

ICAO Doc 9640
Chapter 4

4.7 The HOT begins with the start of the de-icing/anti-icing application in the case of one-step operation, or the beginning of anti-icing in a two-step process and ends after an elapsed time equal to the appropriate HOT. A pilot must monitor the time elapsed from the start of the HOT identified and ensure that taxi and take-off are achieved before the HOT elapses. If not, additional de-icing/anti-icing will be required.

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