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Subsidence is:
  • A
    a downward air flow
  • B
    a horizontal air flow
  • C
    an upward air flow
  • D
    the same as convection

Refer to figure.

HIGH PRESSURE SYSTEM/ANTICYCLONE. Is an area which has a higher air pressure than the surroundings (the value of the isobars decrease with distance from the centre). Isobars are more widely spaced than with depressions.
Within an anticyclone, at high altitude we have air converging, then descent of air within the anticyclone (subsidence) and divergence at the surface. Typical weather in an area under the influence of a High-Pressure is clear skies due to the sinking motion of air (subsidence), lighter winds than around a Depression and reduced chance of precipitation.

Subsidence is, therefore, a sinking motion of air, present in the core of a High Pressure System.

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