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Which of the following weather phenomena can indicate the presence of low-level windshear?
  • A
    Patches of fog
  • B
  • C
    Stratus fractus
  • D
    Altocumulus castellanus

Refer to figure.

Most windshear happens with microbursts that are produced by thunderstorms. Microbursts are powerful and intense downdrafts. There can be wet or dry microbursts.

  • Wet microbursts are normally associated with heavy rain.
  • Dry microbursts are associated with a phenomena called Virga.
Virga is rain that evaporates before it reaches the ground, normally in drier climates. The rain will then evaporate which causes a cooling of the air, which causes a downdraft. A ring of blowing dust on the ground is another visual sign of a potential dry microburst.

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