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Refer to figure or CAP696 file 4.12. Given:

Dry Operating Mass: 60 520 kg
Performance limited take-off mass: 92 750 kg
Performance limited landing mass: 72 250 kg
Maximum Zero Fuel Mass: 67 530 kg
Trip fuel: 12 500 kg
Contingency plus final reserve fuel: 2 300 kg
Alternate fuel: 1 700 kg

Using this data, as appropriate, calculate the maximum traffic load that can be carried.

  • A
    15 730 kg
  • B
    11 730 kg
  • C
    7 730 kg
  • D
    7 010 kg

Refer to figure.
It seems odd for the question to refer you to the MRJT1 Fig 4.12 when clearly the masses given are well in excess of the MRJT1 limitations.

However we have completed the loadsheet (Refer to Diagram) and also created a table in the preferred solution method.In the solution use the regulated take-off and landing mass limits which are the lower of the performance limits and the structural limits.

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