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When does the centre of gravity position and Take-off Mass have to be calculated and checked against the limits?
  • A
    Before each flight.
  • B
    In specified intervals.
  • C
    After each flight.
  • D
    If the load is different from the last flight.

The centre of gravity (CG) of an aircraft is the point over which the aircraft would balance.Its position is calculated after supporting the aircraft on at least two sets of weighing scales or load cells and noting the weight shown on each set of scales or load cells. The centre of gravity affects the stability of the aircraft. To ensure the aircraft is safe to fly, the center of gravity must fall within specified limits established by the aircraft manufacturer.

Center of Gravity and Takeoff mass has to be calculated before each flight to make sure the aircraft within the safe envelope as exceeding limits can end up with danger, lower performance and fatalities.

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